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Prices for Boarding



Three Hens
Up to 3 birds 
(per night)
  •  £7.50 
Single Hen
Additional birds in the same pen
(per night)
  •  £1.25


The birds have their own family suite, so are kept

together for the duration of their stay.

CLOSED annually from 31st October,

re-opening on 1st April, depending on Avian Flu restrictions 

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Birds can be wormed during their stay of a week or more at an additional 
  •  £3.50 per bird

To make a reservation at the hotel, check availability by phone or email. I will then make a provisional booking and will HOLD FOR 24 HOURS ONLY.  You then complete the booking form and pay your deposit.  Upon receipt, I will email confirmation and your booking is complete. If I have not received the Booking Form AND Deposit payment 24 hours from the reservation request, the provisional booking will be cancelled.

Check in/out hours:


8.30am - 10.30am daily



When you bring your flock, please stop and unload onto the driveway outside

The Hen Hotel, making your stop on the farm track as swiftly as possible.

Birds must be delivered in plastic cat or dog carriers, which allows plenty of


  • Size and weight that one person can carry.

  • No larger than 2 feet wide (so it will fit through our doorway)

  • NO cardboard boxes

I sometimes have plastic carriers available for sale, from £12.

If you arrive with an unsuitable, or heavy carrier, please park up beyond The

Hen Hotel on the right, opposite the brick wall and bring the birds down. You

will be responsible for transferring your flock to their pen, as well as back into

the carrier on collection. Large dog crates cannot be stored at The Hen Hotel.

I am a healthy person in their late 70s and I would appreciate your assistance with this.

An invoice will be emailed to you a day or two before collection, and details

of the direct bank transfer into my account. This payment must be made

before collection.

If you have left your plastic carriers, they will be hung in the pen with your

flock. I will load your flock in their containers and they will be ready on your check

out date at your designated time.

If you have taken your carrier home please park up beyond the Hen Hotel, on

the right, opposite the brick wall, and bring your carrier down.

If you are running late please telephone, as internet reception at The Hen Hotel

is poor.

Hilary Gaskin

07768 664510

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