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About me


I am Hilary, a retired teacher with many years experience of poultry as a hobby and I have been potty about chickens for many years. I've kept them as pets both in France and in the UK.

I understand the birds and how to care for them through experience and passion.


You can trust your birds with me as I will treat them as one of my family members caring for them as I do my own.

In addition to boarding, have been running 'Basic Chicken Keeping Courses'. These are run at my home under cover and in comfortable surroundings.  Attendees get the chance to learn more about taking care of chickens and become confident handling them - all washed down with a rather splendid cake and tea. 

I am happy to answer questions and queries that you may have with your birds and will happily share my experiences with you. 

​Caring for your birds:

​I have a great deal of knowledge about caring for the birds.  I know how important it is to keep them disease free and the steps to take at the first sign of problems.  I hold regular courses on chicken care.

I constantly protect all our friends from redmite, I keep their feathers glossy by good food and care - I give them treats evey day and of course, cuddles for the poultry guests that want them.

I regularly visit the USA and I am a member of the Atlanta Back Yard Chicken Association where I can learn more about natural/organic ways of dealing with creatures, such as red mite and chicken lice.

I visit a variety of breeding facilities to see their Orpingtons.

American Black Orpington Cockerel

American Red Creole Cockerel

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