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About the facilities.....


I provide quality facilities for all our poultry guests:


  • each 'family has their own covered run and house with perches and nesting box

  • water, food and grit are constantly available

  • daily vegetable or fruit treats

  • cuddles are optional if poultry guests are happy to receive them




Details of guest boarding site:


The Hen Hotel

Tangier View Farm

Tangier Lane

Bishops Waltham


SO32 1BU

a view of the Hen Hotel Boarding Site
Hen Hotel sign
Hilary at the Boarding site

Can I remind customers that I have no internet connection at The Hen Hotel boarding site, and emails regarding changes of arrangements do not reach me until I go home.

Please note that chickens in cardboard boxes can quickly overheat. They are best transported in pet carriers, giving them plenty of fresh air. (I have some for sale at the farm)

If you are running late or wish to change collection or delivery, please phone or text me on 07768 664510

Please click here to see amended drop off and collection instructions.

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