Going on holiday or moving house? 


I offer a safe and secure environment for your feathered family members, giving you full peace of mind. 



** If you are booking, or have booked your summer holiday - please don't forget to book accommodation for your birds as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment **


The Hen Hotel

Chicken handling at the Basic Chicken Keeping Course

Please check the Courses Page 

Courses run from April to September each year. 

- additional private dates can be arranged for 2 or more delegates

Teaching chicken

Orpington Chicks

 Silver Laced Orpington Cockerel

Orpington chicks


Offering weekly or longer boarding facilities for your hens, cockerels and ducks.


Telephone : ​07768 664510

Email : hilarygaskin@gmail.com

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Let me look after your feathered family whilst you go on holiday.


I'll dedicate the same loving care and attention to your birds as you do.


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